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Jessica Alba Porn
2013-Aug-5 22:58 - Jessica Alba Fucks Herself With Banana
After penetrating her pussy with a baseball bat, Jessica Alba seems to be abiding by no more limits in porn shooting. Her lovely cunt is ready now to take anything in, either it is a huge male cock or a tropical fruit. We may only wonder what she is going to use on her pussy next. Er... Will it be a sausage? Or a champagne bottle?

jessica alba banana dildoing

2012-Nov-21 02:16 - Jessica Alba Gets Fucked Again
In this funny couple of Jessica Alba porn fakes, she gets fucked again. Again and again, we should say because Jessica is exploited by two different fakers who use the same porn set as their starting point one after another. See also Eliza Dushku getting fucked in most explicit sex scenes.

jessica alba hardcore fucking

jessica alba porn set

2012-May-29 02:05 - Jessica Alba Double Penetration
They were just unable to pass that ass and pussy by, and being provided with adorable Jessica's face, these two holes became even more tempting. But wait! What the fuck is THAT? They can change faces as if by magic ;)

jessica alba enjoys a double penetration and gives a head start to penelope cruz

2012-Jan-31 02:54 - Jessica Alba Anal Cumshot

Best fakes are those ones that combine explicitness and temper (high quality faker job goes without saying). They make you gasp in astonishment or die laughing. A funny expression on a celebrity face combined with an exposed body of a porn model can make you react in both ways. Faked by The Colonel, Jessica Alba receiving a cumshot in her ass after having an anal fuck is just a pretty good example of what we are talking about.


jessica alba's ass gets shot with cum


Evangeline Lilly gets a double cumshot (one in the ass, too)

Megan Fox orgy cumshot


2011-Dec-22 05:05 - Lesbian Porn Star Jessica Alba

Whan happens to some girls when they are left alone? As soon as the door shuts, they throw off their clothes and start kissing and licking each other. And they enjoy themselves a lot, just like Jessica Alba and her girlfried do in that hot lesbian porn scene. A set of dildos in the background imply that they won't stop at that. Yes, to become a real porn star, Jessica Alba will have to do some lesbian pussy drilling.


jessica alba lets her lesbian girlfriend lick on her pussy


More lesbians licking pussies? See some lesbian porn starring Gillian Anderson and Paris Hilton!

2011-Dec-16 02:30 - Jessica Alba Three Cocks Porn

Everything a girl owns to give pleasure to a man is brought into play in this porn fake of Jessica Alba. To be precise, Jessica tries to please three men at once, taking a cock into of her holes in the crotch (hard to say which of the two), holding and wanking another cock with one of her hands, and getting her mouth ready to eat on the third one. A tempting hardcore combination.


jessica alba plays with three cocks at once in a hot porn episode


Megan Fox Orgy


2011-Oct-30 03:45 - Jessica Alba Mixed Threesome

These two hot girls, one of whom was Jessica Alba, had no problem sharing cock and having pleasure at the same time in that hot threesome. They immediately took the 69 position, and while the guy was drilling Jessica's pussy, and her girlfriend was licking on her clit, Jessica started fingering her girlfriend's crotch. After several minutes, the guy changed pussies and started fucking the blonde. However, Jessica did not lose much, as her girlfriend's tongue slid into her vagina at once.


jessica alba gets fucked and licked in a mixed threesome


Britney Spears Gangbanged


2011-Oct-5 02:57 - Jessica Alba Spreads Pussy

Spreading pussy is something that every porn girl must be able to do. Jessica Alba confirms her amazing skills of porn model, spreading her pussy lips and showing off her vagina in all beauty. With a kind assistance of EROSTRER fakes company.


jessica alba spreads her pussy lips


Emma Watson Stretching Her Pussy



2011-Sep-8 00:58 - Jessica Alba Anal Sex

What fun it was when they offered Jessica Alba an anal scene in their hardcore porn movie, and she accepted the offer! Taking cock in the ass made her laugh all the time...

jessica alba doing anal


Paris Hilton Anal Sex


2011-Aug-5 04:44 - Jessica Alba Blowjob Audition

A funny porn episode starring Jessica Alba in a cock licking scene. Nude Jessica is doing some handjob on that dick, too, demonstrating all of her skills as amateur porn star eager to become a pro. We may presume that her blowjob audition was a success, and she passed her trials and got more roles to play, with the YOVO Fakes Company, too.

jessica alba sucking and wanking cock


Selena Gomez Oral Sex




2011-Jul-4 02:38 - Jessica Alba Fucking Herself With Baseball Bat

Porn stars are real experts in sex toys. In fact, anything long, smooth and round can be used as dildo if they don't have one. Baseball bats are real extreme, but if a woman has got a hole big enough to stick it in, why should she not try it? That is what Jessica Alba was thinking of when she got a new invitation for porn audition for a fucking movie...

jessica alba fucking herself with a baseball bat

2011-Jun-11 05:12 - Jessica Alba Bathroom Porn

See Jessica Alba fucked in the bathroom from behind. When shooting this porn scene, they did not only take the fucking couple into the bathroom, they lay them into the bath and let the guy do his job for their porn studio. As for the girl, she did not even guess that her body would some day be lent to Jessica Alba in order to audition the latter for a part in a porn movie...

jessica alba bathroom porn


Megan Fox Sex Manipulations



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